Welcome to

Ashfield House Dental Practice



Being able to speak, smile and eat are always important, but especially so during lockdown. 

At Ashfield House we are open to care for you, whether you are in discomfort or you need something correcting or improving. Current guidance allows you to leave your home for medical appointments, including dental surgery visits, and we strongly encourage you to attend for vital gum care and regular examination appointments too.

If you’re experiencing discomfort or have any any issues with your oral health, please contact us. 

As always, your safety and well-being, and that of our staff, comes first, so we have ensured that we have the the highest standards of care in place in accordance with the dental and medical college guidelines, CQC and government advice. If you have concerns about arrival, departure or anything in between, please talk to us by phone on 015242 64813.

                        We’re following government guidelines on social distancing.


                        Our staff will be wearing PPE, and we ask that you wear a face mask too

                        Unless you are medically exempt from wearing one.

                        We take a whole 15 minutes to thoroughly disinfect all areas, equipment, surfaces,

                        dental chair, door handles, and light switches. We also using a powerful new air

                        exchange system. This flushes the surgery with 30,000 litres of fresh air per minute

                        and removes stale air at the same rate and time, ensuring the surgery is super

                        clean and really fresh.

                        We’re avoiding cash, so please use cards or electronic payment where possible.

           We look forward to seeing you soon.

           Take care and eat healthy.

              Mark, Mandy and Abbie


Second Lockdown

As we approach a 2nd lockdown period this Thursday 5th November, when only essential services, shops and businesses are to remain open, we want to assure all of our patients that we are an extremely safe place to be. We are continuing to work hard to provide the very best care and treatments for all of our patients. Please remember that oral health significantly affects general health, particularly the condition of the soft tissues of the mouth. So in lockdown please continue to maintain and care for your mouth (teeth, gums, braces, restorative work, implants, crowns, bridges, dentures) as best you can. Please take a look at our updated pages on DATA PROTECTION, PRIVACY NOTICE, FEES and CHARTER. These form part of our Terms and conditions.

Please stay well and healthy everybody, we look forward to seeing you soon.

Take care,

Mark, Mandy and Abbie.


As of Monday 10th August we reopened our doors to provide the full range of treatment in order to care for our patients in a COVID safe environment. With a 2nd wave of infection upon us, we simply want to reassure our patients that we are open for business as usual. As a practice we are one of the safest ‘COVID19 free’ places to be.

We look forward to seeing you if you have any emergencies or are in need of elective care.

In order to achieve this we have had to make a lot of changes which which have somewhat changed our daily practice. (Please read about that below).

Take care,

Mark, Mandy and Abbie.


Lockdown and the way forward.


Many of you will be aware that we had briefly returned to work in order to care for any of our patients who had been experiencing problems. As of Monday, August 10th I am delighted to inform you that we will be returning to provide care for a wide range of treatments. However we have had to make a lot of changes which will affect our daily practice.


Our enhanced PP
E has arrived and for each patient we treat will consist of the following:

2x Surgical gowns, 2x 3M / Meixin FFP3 Respirators, 2 Surgical hats, 2x Visors, 3x Aprons, 3x Pairs of Gloves.

We realise that we may look somewhat Darth Vaderesque, but as we work with fine mists and sprays we have to consider your safety and ours with this level of protection.

We are having to charge a fixed fee per patient for the PPE. This will be reviewed when we restock if prices come down. At the moment this will be £25. If couples or families are seen consecutively there will only be one PPE fee.


After each patient national guidelines stipulate that we must leave the surgery ‘Fallow’. This is to permit the air in the surgery to be changed 6 times allowing air-borne aerosol and fine mist to be removed. With an open window this process takes 60 minutes!  However we have taken a proactive approach in having a wall-mounted scavenging unit installed. This incredibly powerful motor pulls air out of the surgery at a flowrate of 31,200 L per minute!! The picture shows how powerful the unit is and suck anything out of the room that happens to be near it. This means that we can reduce fallow time to 15 minutes compared to most practices who have to wait for one hour.

As a result of having to leave the surgery ‘Fallow‘ for 2 hours per day we can only see about 8 patients instead of the usual 12-16. This represents a massive loss for us in both time and revenue. Currently we are not charging for this enforced down time of 15 minutes per patient whilst treating emergencies, but in the future, we may have no choice if we are to remain a viable business in order to stay open. Many practices have closed due to the fallow time issue. Please wear a warm coat as the room is well ventilated!


We ask all patients to be bear with us when booking as we are having to triage everyone. Appointments are given after an individual assessment of how much you may be AT RISK FROM infection and of how much you are A RISK OF infection. This is based on age, medical status, vulnerability to infection and threat of transmitting infection. We are quite restricted as to when you can be seen throughout the day, so please be flexible. All appointments need to be made by phone and must be pre-booked. Please try not to alter an appointment once it has been made. This may force us to reorganize the entire day.

Sadly we can’t allow patients to drop in for a coffee or a chat. Please call us on 015242 64813 instead to make an appointment.

We will be gradually be contacting every patient and reinstating all cancelled appointments, but if you need us soon, please phone and leave a message. We may be incredibly busy but all answerphone messages, emails, texts will be dealt with as a priority.


There is now a one-way system for patients through the practice, and we have had to rethink how patients arrive and depart. We are currently asking patients with an appointment to arrive WEARING A MASK and WAIT in the porch at the BACK door. Please DO NOT RING OR KNOCK. We have had to close the waiting room and toilet. We know this is inconvenient but it is necessary, so please keep that in mind when coming for your appointment.

We ask that you arrive only a few minutes before your appointment to minimise waiting outside. Only one person is allowed into the treatment room at a time, however a parent/carer/guardian is welcome if wearing a mask. When we have decontaminated the surgery, you will be welcomed by our nurse, Mandy, who will ask a few questions, record your temperature and dispense CUTAN foam to sanitise your hands. We will bring you through to the treatment room. Afterwards Abbie, our receptionist will make any further appointments and take payment. Payments up to £45 can be made on a standard card but for larger amounts we have a separate card reader and pin pad. Contactless payments can also be made with GOOGLE PAY, SAMSUNG PAY or APPLE PAY.


We have invested in ‘Patient Portal’. This allows you to update your contact details, medical history, dental history, GDPR consent and a Covid 19 questionnaire. Nearer your appointment you will be emailed a link which requires your name and DOB. You can then answer the questions, write your signature and save the document. This is fully integrated with our software ‘eXact’. If you have any problems please call us. You may be asked to complete the Portal on behalf of someone who does not yet have an email address. For those who have given an email address, please do check them each day for our updates, screening forms or communications.

We really look forward to meeting you all again,

Take care,

Mark, Mandy and Abbie.