Welcome to

Ashfield House

Dental Practice



                                    AUGUST 2021   


Greetings to all our patients out there. We hope you are having a great summer. Below are some important points to be aware of:

***If you are a regular member of our practice and you have not had an appointment in the last 2 years and have none booked, please email us straightaway. Although we are extremely busy we are making it our aim to resume the normal rhythm of examinations and treatment for everyone not simply to manage emergencies. If possible please do not phone to book an appointment, the phone lines are extremely busy and if we need to speak with you we will call you back.***


As you are aware on the 19th of July most Covid-19 restrictions were lifted. However, based on the science, ongoing research and predicted spikes of Influenza, we ourselves will be continuing to wear full PPE. This will include fully disposable surgical gowns, hats, gloves and FFP3 respirators in order to protect you and ourselves. This is under monthly review and risk assessment, and we will continue to ensure our practice is a safe place to work and visit as well as complying with the latest evidence review panels, this will be the case


In line with our ‘Infection prevention and Control’ protocols we would greatly appreciate it if you would wear a face covering when you arrive at the back door of the treatment room in order to minimize the risk of cross infection to other patients outside and also to our reception staff.


As many of you will know by now, we are using an online paper-free format for patients to fill out their own detailed medical and dental histories together with various other forms through the ‘patient portal’. This is an encrypted one time safe link for patients to update their actual medical / dental record as we have it on file. This will be sent to your email or phone (or with your consent to that of a friend with internet access). For anyone having problems accessing the patient portal this is nearly always due to a discrepancy in name, address or other contact details.

If you require assistance with this please call us on 015242 64813 or email us at ashfieldhousedental@gmail.com


ashfieldhousedental@gmail.com for general enquiries and reply.ashfield@gmail.com for appointment related questions.

Either of these will come immediately to our inbox to be dealt with on the same day. It has come to our attention that some patients are still using a 2 year old practice management email which no longer exists, so please do not contact us on SOEgateway, and do remove it from your contact list.

To close, do enjoy the outdoors this Summer and please continue to keep safe. If you have any concerns or questions please do call us to discuss them and if there is any way we can help make your visit more enjoyable.

with warm wishes from the team at Ashfield house,

Mark, Mandy, and Abbie.